Monday, March 14, 2005

Jason's Deli

Have you been to Jason's Deli yet? Good Lord, Gerald Ford, you should see the potatoes they serve there. These super spuds look like they are part of some freak science experiment in which they have combined 4 potatoes together. Also they have some great tasting sandwiches. I like the place, but my girlfriend is a Jason's Deli evangelist, so before she tells the world I thought I would let you know first. Try it, love it, eat there often.
For a menu click here.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Movies

I went to see the movie Hitch the other night at the new Century Theater at Jordan Creek. The movie was funny, go and check it out. Going through the concession stand there reminded me of something. Why do people eat nachos at the movies. Nachos are just too loud of a food to eat during a movie. The last thing I want to hear every two minutes during the movie is the sound of a crunching chip.
The other thing that bugs me about the movie theater experience are the arm rests. Which one am I suppose to use? Shouldn't there be some unwritten law about this. If everyone would just say the left one is yours, then you wouldn't have to worry about it. But there are always the few that think they are entitled to both of them. This is when I would love to take my jumbo $12.00 soda and "accidently" spill it over there arm on my arm rest. :)


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