Wednesday, June 29, 2005


With all this talk about Scientology in the news regarding Tom Cruise, it made me curious to find out more. What exactly is this Scientology they speak of?????

I went to the official website for Scientology and their explanation was: "Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.
The fastest growing religious movement on earth, Scientology has become a firmly established and active force for positive change in the world in less than half a century. In a word, Scientology works."

After reading through more and more info on the Scientology site, I coudn't believe how vague this so called religion was. They seem to let you believe whatever you want and try to make you feel better just to get some money. The whole idea is based on a book by a science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard. (I like Star Wars....but I am not going to follow a religion if George Lucas starts one!)

I did some more research and found lots of negative feedback for this religion that nearly 8 million people follow. To me it seems like another scam, cooked up to get your money. But do some research yourself and form you own conclusion.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rocky Mountain Oysters

What is the origin of Rocky Mountain Oysters?? This is one of life's biggest mysteries. I asked around and nobobdy really knew the history. So I did the next best thing to find an answer and Googled it. Here is what I found:

What are Rocky Mountain oysters? They are that part of the male cow that is removed in his youth so that he may thereby be more tractable, grow meatier, and behave less masculine. When the calves are branded, the testicles are cut off and thrown in a bucket of water. They are then peeled, washed, rolled in flour and pepper, and fried in a pan. They are considered to be quite a delicacy. Like other organ meats, testicles may be cooked in a variety of ways – deep-fried whole, cut into broad, thin slices, or marinated. At roundups in the old West, cowboys and ranch hands tossed the meat on a hot iron stove. When the calf fries exploded, they were done?

Eating animal genitalia dates back to ancient Roman times, when it was believed that eating a healthy animal’s organ might correct some ailment in the corresponding human organ of the male person eating it. Because of this belief, the practice continues to the present day, especially in Asia, where animal genitalia are considered an aphrodisiac.

The rugged folks of the Rocky Mountain region are not squeamish. Testicle festivals are held every spring and fall in Montana. These festivals can be very rowdy and may not be the best place to bring your children. If you can’t get to a festival, many restaurants and bars in Montana, Idaho, and Kansas serve Rocky Mountain oysters all year long and with less fanfare.

So there you have it! Maybe we should start a Testicle Festival in Des Moines????

Monday, June 20, 2005

Crush, Crush and More Crush

Have you heard the radio commercials for Club Crush on 86th st.? CRUSH! These are the most annoying radio commercials in the world. CRUSH! They certainly let you know what they are talking about. CRUSH! During the ad they say "Crush" at least 8 times. I have taken marketing classes in my time and I know what they are trying to do......but this is ridiculous. CRUSH! Please for my sanity, move on.....try something new. CRUSH! I can't take it anymore! CRUSH!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The New Science Center

Wow! That is all I can say about the new Science Center. Not Wow in a good way. Yes, when you drive by and see the building, it looks nice. That's as far as it goes. We paid $12/a person for the IMAX movie and for the science exhibits. The IMAX theater was nice. The sound system was sweet......but for a movie called "The Living Sea", there wasn't to much footage of the sea. Maybe a different movie could have made this experience better, so I can't judge too much yet. As for the rest of the Science Center............ Don't waste your time or money. Half of the exhibits were already broken and not working (it has only been open a month?), plus there was nothing high tech about the exhibits. There were some freaky cardboard cutouts of kids, and I found out what a heartbeat sounds like (as if I didn't know?!). The new cafe featured Pizza Hut pizza and popcorn, so nothing too fancy. Don't waste your time on the gift shop either, unless you want some over priced sea monkeys. Bottom line is.......I was hoping this would be a cool new place to go in Central Iowa. What I found.......Just another waste of time and money!!!!!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Dark Side

Yes, I am a nerd. I have seen the new Star Wars Movie twice already. Once at Merle Hay Cinema, which has the best screen in town, and once at Century Jordan Creek, which has the best sound in town. I thought the movie was great, filled with great light saber scenes and super special effects. If anyone hasn't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Some things to look for when you are watching: George Lucas has a cameo scene, the death star on the Chancellor's desk and Obi-Wan picking up Anakin's light saber at the end, so he can someday give it to Luke. Also if you go to, you can find stuff to look for as you watch. Enjoy. May the force be with you!


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