Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Orange - Where's the Creativity?

Who was the uncreative person who thought up of the name for the fruit called orange? Why just name it after the color it is? You don't call an apple, red or a banana, yellow. So why call an orange, orange. Which came first the color or the fruit? Hmmm. Maybe that's what I really need to find out? I have a lot of questions about this. Maybe I will just come up with a new name for the fruit they call orange. From now on I officially make it know that the fruit formally know as Orange, shall be called Calabupan. I will call it Cala for short. So join in my movement and call your local senator and let them know you want the name of the orange officially changed to Calabupan.
Well, that's one more problem I've solved. What's next you ask. I think I will take on Health care. Look out world....... Brogan is on the case.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Becoming Addicted to Chipotle

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm addicted to Chipotle. That's what I'll be saying hear pretty soon if I keep getting the cravings for the wonderful food at Chipolte. If your not familiar, Chipolte is a "Mexican Grill" restaurant located inside Valley West Mall that serves burritos, tacos and fajitas. And you certainly can't overlook the fact that they have some tasty chips and guacamole as well. Plus, you are definitely getting pretty good value for your money. My wife and I usually split the burrito (thing is huge) and chips and guacamole, plus 2 sodas for right around $13.00. Not bad for a great fast meal. I would recommend going with the Braised Carnitas for your meat choice and definitely add some sour cream! So next time your are at the mall or just want some excellent Mexican grub, stop by Chipolte.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shredded Lettuce on Hamburgers?

I guess I just don't understand why you would ruin a perfectly good hamburger with shredded lettuce? First of all the idea of warm lettuce just doesn't sound that good and second, you can't taste the real flavor of the burger. Maybe they are trying to cover up the taste of the burger? Maybe they are serving crappy half beef/half mystery meat burger patties? I've even seen some restaurants call hamburgers with lettuce and tomato "California Burgers" and try to make them sound healthy. Believe me, that white chopped up iceberg lettuce isn't gonna give you anything that great.
So what's the point of my rant? Next time you are at a restaurant and see that shredded lettuce is on the burger...... just say no. Find yourself a good restaurant that knows how to do burgers right. I will say there is maybe one exception to this rule. B-Bops has pretty good burgers, just make sure to say hold the lettuce!

Friday, October 09, 2009

The Easiest Office Tailgate Party Dish

So your office is having a potluck for Football season, but you don't have the time or the knowhow to create a delicious dish. What do you do? You turn to the easiest tailgate dish around...... Little Smokies! These little treats will both impress and won't be too bad on the wallet. So here's what you need:

- 2 packs Beef Little Smokies (make sure to get beef!)
- 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (I prefer Famous Daves, Rich and Sassy)
- 1 crock pot (Come on, everyone has one laying around somewhere)

Yep, that's it 3 things you need. Next step, open up the packs of little smokies dump in the crock pot and then pour in the bottle of sauce. Turn your crock pot on low and let it simmer 2-3 hours (stirring occasionally) for best taste(If you get really hungry and can't wait the full 2 hours the little smokies are precooked so you don't have to worry about eating raw food).

So there you go. So easy a cave man could do it! Enjoy!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Smelly Carpet? Try Baking Soda

Now that I have an 8 month year old roaming around the house, the spills that cause odor on the carpet seem to be adding up. But what's a safe non-toxic way to get those odors out of the carpet.... that actually works? The answer is BAKING SODA. Just sprinkle liberally over the "stinky" areas and let sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb the odor and then all you have to do is vacuum it up. So you get rid of the odor and not have to worry about the baby crawling all over harsh chemicals. Problem Solved.


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