Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rachel Ray Thoughts

I would really love it if Rachel Ray made a dish that she didn't like. Every time I see her try one of her dishes, she acts as if it is better than sex. Of course she will throw in her catch phrase "Yum-O" quite a bit too, which can get very annoying. What I want to see is.... Rachel take a bit, spit out the food is disgust and shout out a few curse words. That would make my day.

My other thought on Rachel Ray is this....Those so-called "30 minute" meals take way longer than 30 minutes to make. Have you ever tried to make one? Not only does it take longer than 30 minutes but half the ingredients she uses to cook with I don't have on hand on a daily basis in my kitchen. So if you include running to the grocery store, it really is over an hour to make the meal if not more.


damonm55 said...

I personally think she is hot, hot despite her "Jack Nicholson plays the joker" smile.
30 minutes, sure! Who doesn't have 2 tablespoons of South American wild brown cilantro in a little glass bowl tucked in their pantry?


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