Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Cozy Cafe - Review

So I've driven by the Cozy Cafe on Hickman, a thousand times since it opened a few odd months ago. I kept saying that I was going to try it and never got around to it. But, I finally decided to stop by tonight and I am pleasantly surprised. My wife and I ordered a cheeseburger and a breaded tenderloin along with some fries. We decided to pick the food up using their drive-thru. It did take some time to get our food, but I don't mind waiting if it means my food is going to be fresh. And yes, the food you could tell was made to order and was piping hot when we got it. The burger was a 1/3 pound burger with American cheese, pickles, lettuce and a tomato. The thing I really appreciated about the burger was the fact that it came on a toasted bun! Having a toasted bun, makes a burger 10 times better. Anyways, all the components of the burger were good and tasty. The breaded tenderloin, which I was told by friends to be great there, was just that. It was a huge portion, and appeared to be a hand breaded tenderloin. Both my wife and I thought it to be of pretty high quality. Definitely, the best breaded tenderloin in the Waukee/Clive area. The fries, were pretty good too. Overall, some quality tasty food. I will be going back and recommend their burger and tenderloin to everyone. To see their menu visit here.

New Brad Thor Book is a Must Read

Just got done reading Brad Thor's latest book, Foreign Influence, and this is by far his best book in a few years. Not saying the others weren't good, but this one had the same effect on me as the first couple, where I didn't want to put it down until I was done reading it. I like how Thor's main character Scott Harvath isn't afraid to say how things really are in the world and his get the job done at all costs type attitude. If you are looking for a good read this summer, definitely check out this book.


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