Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Easy Microwavable Egg Sandwich

Making eggs in the microwave? To most people that sounds weird, but to me it's just culinary genious. I remember the first time I made an egg in the microwave in front of my wife. She thought I was crazy.... Well, I am, but not for this reason. Once she tasted the delicious sandwich I made she had to eat her words. So, how do I make it? Here you go.

You need:
1 egg (I prefer Jumbo eggs)
1 bowl
1 can of pam (non stick cooking spray)
1 slice of cheese
2 slices of bread

Grab your bowl and spray the inside with the Pam. Crack open your egg and beat it with a fork. Place the bowl in the microwave and cook for 54 seconds (anything more and your egg will explode!). While the egg is cooking put your bread in the toaster. Now your egg should be done. With the egg still in the bowl, put the slice of cheese on top of the egg (so it melts). Butter your toast, scoop up your egg and cheese and put it on the toast. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy. As my favorite (okay least favorite) food network star would say Yum-o. Total prep and cook time = less than 5 minutes

Friday, June 20, 2008

Latex Rubber Gloves - Misunderstood?

Rubber gloves + Anybody in the Room = A joke

That has been my observation when you put just about anybody in a room with a box of rubber gloves. They will slip the glove on and slap it up against their wrist like a doctor putting on one and will make some remark such as "Let me take a look in there". The strange part is that no matter how many times this has been used over the years as joke... people still laugh!

So does that make a Proctologist funny when he is giving you an exam? Well, if you are laughing during that, then I think maybe you might have other issues to worry about.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iowa Floods of 2008

This is the scene from outside of my work today. The Floods of 2008 aren't as bad as 1993 yet, but they are still creating some havoc. It will be interesting to see what the next few days of rain will bring. Des Moines city officials say that that everything will be okay. Let's hope!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fast Phone Message

I have been getting a lot of long-winded phone messages lately. I mean a couple of minutes worth of message. The bad thing is that when it gets to the end and the person leaves their phone number, they all of a sudden turn in to an auctioneer and belt out that number so fast I can't get it written down. You know what that means........... I have to listen to that whole message again to get the phone number. That does not make me happy camper.

What can we do to remedy this problem? Pass a law that you must leave your phone number twice at the end of a message. It's that easy. Problem solved. Maybe I should run against McCain and Obama on issue in the upcoming election. Hmmmmmm.. Something to think about.


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