Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Be Green and Save Money

Here are two interesting facts for you:

-Did you know that a reusable beverage bottle can eliminate 365 disposable water bottles / year (based on avg. use of 1 disposable bottle per day)
-American’s use 3.3 million plastic bottles every hour but recycle only one in five.

I use to take 2 plastic water bottles a day to work with me. But not any more. I have found a better solution, the Rubbermaid reusable water bottle. I purchased 6 of them for $18.00 total for my wife and I to use. We stopped buying the disposable plastic bottles and have never looked back. Doing this has saved money and helped us to go green a bit. I figured that we purchased a 24 pack of water every two weeks for $5.00. That's $10.00 a month and $120.00 a year. So over a years time that is a savings of $102.00! Not bad at all. I recommend everyone pick up their own reusable bottle today.


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