Friday, April 06, 2007

Alarm Clock

There are some mornings when I wish I could just bash my alarm clock with a bat. I usually feel like this when I have had a really terrible night of sleep. The worst for me is when I have something really important going on the next morning. My internal alarm clock is off by a few hours. I will have my alarm set for 6:30am. I wake up at 4:30am on my own. Then starts the most miserable two hours of my day. I don’t think I really get back to sleep after that. It is just a series of me looking over at the clock thinking that it is time to wake up. But, really when I am looking over only a matter of minutes have passed. I think this might be what hell is like.
Other mornings my alarm clock just doesn’t go off at all. I forgot to set it, radio is turned down to low or my personal favorite, I set it for pm instead of am. This is one of the most paranoid feelings I can have in my day. I wake up feeling good (really because I got a few extra hours of sleep) and then I look over at the clock. I am 3 hours late to work! It is like a shot of adrenaline hits my heart. I pop out of bed and miraculously I can take a morning routine that usually takes me 30 minutes and condense it to only 3 minutes. It’s just a mass chaos of clothes flying and cologne spraying in that small time frame. Of course then you have to explain at work why you were late. It makes for such a wonderful day. At least we always have that old alarm clock to blame!


mist1 said...

I would be a happier person if pressing the snooze alarm alloted me a full ten minutes instead of the nine minute teaser that it's programmed for.

Anonymous said...

A couple more scenarios -

1) Your wife has to get up before you and you must therefore trust her to a) remember to set the alarm, and b) set it correctly. Right.

2) Waking up in a frantic state because you think you've overslept and you've missed work - until you suddenly realize it's Saturday.


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