Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Casino

The Casino: The Land of opportunity, smoke, addiction, fun, horse racing and slots.
When do you think slot machines will start accepting social security checks? Have you been out there lately? I personally go to the casino every so often and have a great time. But, there are others who hang out there all the time. I lot of eldery folks hang out there both day and night. I don't know if the casino is suppose to double for a retired home, but it looks that way. The other day when I was there I saw a lady in a wheelchair playing the slots. Right next to her... an oxygen tank. In her mouth.....a cigarette. I was shocked! She is one of many eldery folks who daily spend their pention and social security checks in the slots. They just want to see that "777".
The eldery seem to be the only ones winning out there. Of course if you sit at one machine feeding it hundreds and hundreds of quarters you are bound to win.
I never seem to win out there. Someday I am going to test the theory that only the eldery win out there. I am going to dress up as an old person and use a wheelchair. I will wave at the cameras with my wrinkled fingers and then play. I guarantee I will win. No doubt about it!


Anonymous said...

Think about it - if your clock was ticking and time was running out, wouldn't you be more willing to bet your savings on that last chance you have to win the big one? What would you have to lose?

That's why telemarketing scams love seniors. If they're not confused they're more willing to put it all on the line.

Here's another point/question - Why is it that when someone asks what one would do if they knew they had 48 hours to live there are two types of responses? There's the "I'd rent a ferrari, speed everywhere I drove, eat at the best restaurants, go bungie jumping/sky diving, etc." response. Then there's the "I'd give all my belongings away to the homeless, donate all my organs, and ask forgiveness from everyone I've ever ticked off" response.

You know who's probably telling the truth? The first person. The second is just trying to impress someone.

The same thing happens on game shows. Watch Deal or No Deal and you'll see half the people playing for money to build a bigger house or a chance to travel the world. The other half say they're going to give the money to build a cat hospital in Singapore or buy their mom a new house. Right.

The point of my digression is this: Give it up for the elderly who go out swinging, living every day like it's their last. It beats sitting in that retirement home anyway.


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