Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parking Ramp Stories

I was running right on time today for work. When I say right on time I mean I will sit down at my desk, right at 8am. Then I hit the parking ramp. On any other day, this would have been no problem. But today I had been caught up in some heavy traffic so I was cutting it a bit close. I would definitely have to put some pride in my stride and haul my butt fast through the skywalk.
So I pull into the gate at the bottom of the ramp. Usually around this time everybody else is putting in that extra effort and have already made it to their desk, so the ramp is all mine. Nope......not today. I have a mini van that has pulled into the gate right before me. The stalls are right next to each other and both lead up into the ramp. I know I need to beat this car. I could tell that this would be a very slow person. At this point the mini van and my car are lined up like two horses ready to run the race of a life time. I put my card in, it does not work. I try again......nothing. I look over and see the gate going up for the van. I knew it was over.
After a few minutes of messing with my parking card I finally got it to work. I could still see the van in front of me going at least one mile per hour. WHY!!!
Have you ever been behind one of these people in a ramp. There is no room to go around them. You are just out of luck. They go really slow making sure they don't miss that heaven sent parking spot. Then sometimes they see a spot, which they really can't fit into. You can see that they won't fit, I am sure they can, but they try it anyway. They pull in half way, then pull out, then pull in once more, then finally give up. All that time you are waiting behind them. Sometimes something as easy as parking is a mystery to some people.
On a brighter note, I did somehow make it to work right on time.



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