Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lowest Bid Wins?

I have come across a very unique site that takes auctions to a whole new level! The website, bid4prizes, is the opposite of your traditional auction. The concept is for you to find a prize that you like and place a bid to win it. Unlike many of the most popular auction websites where the highest bid wins the prize, with Bid4Prizes the lowest unique bid wins! Does that just blow you mind or what? Another cool option is you can either bid online or by text messaging with your cell phone. You get updates right on your cell phone! Pretty Cool. They have some really good stuff to bid on too. There is a Samsung 50" Plasma TV that I would love to have. If I end up with the lowest bid, I will be able to watch football games in HD and feel like I am there. So I highly recommend checking out this site and placing your bid.

This is a sponsored post.



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