Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stupid Store Questions

I know people are just doing there jobs when they ask you questions at stores. Maybe they are just trying to be helpful. This is great, I appreciate it.....but if you work in a specialty store, this question is really not needed. The other day, this happened to me twice. First, I was at Blockbuster Video to rent a movie to watch. I was walking down the row of new releases and I heard a voice from behind me, "Is there anything I can help you find?" Well, since I am at a "movie store", I answered, "a movie". Did the lady really have to ask me? Just let me look at the movies and if I have a question I can find you.
The second example is my favorite. I am Irish, proud of it, and like to buy Irish products to show my heritage. I was at an Irish shop down in Valley Junction, that only sells Irish related products. I walked into the store.....and of course the lady working there had to ask the question....."Can I help you find anything?" So of course I answered "I am looking for something Irish, do you have anything?" Looking back on it, I should have been a complete smart ass and said, "I am looking for something German, do you have it?"

Both these examples go into the "Thanks, Captain Obvious" category. I know these workers are just trying to do there job, but I still get a kick out of it. I guess they could ask more specific questions, but we know they really don't care anyway.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Caught in the Act

I know other people do this. It just can't be me. The other day I was sitting at dinner, I wondered to myself if I remembered to put on deodorant that morning. It is such a habit to slap on deodorant, sometimes I don't realize that I do it. So I decided to check this little problem out. I did the "fake turn" over my left shoulder and pretended to look at something. Little did everyone else know, I was really smelling for B.O. The left pit smelled good, now I had to check out the right one. Now, I just couldn't do the same "fake turn" again, so I decided to do the "fake stretch". I raised up my arms in the air and tilted my head to the right. Ahhhh...Smells like Right Guard to me. Just then my dinner companion called me on it. She had realized what I was doing. Man, did I feel like an idiot. But we all do it.....DON'T WE??


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