Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fast Phone Message

I have been getting a lot of long-winded phone messages lately. I mean a couple of minutes worth of message. The bad thing is that when it gets to the end and the person leaves their phone number, they all of a sudden turn in to an auctioneer and belt out that number so fast I can't get it written down. You know what that means........... I have to listen to that whole message again to get the phone number. That does not make me happy camper.

What can we do to remedy this problem? Pass a law that you must leave your phone number twice at the end of a message. It's that easy. Problem solved. Maybe I should run against McCain and Obama on issue in the upcoming election. Hmmmmmm.. Something to think about.


Irish Coffeehouse said...

Oh this is just too hysterical! Very funny, and sadly, equally true!

Great blog!


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