Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Security at the Movies....

I decided to go to a flick out at the Wynsong Movie Theater tonight. I went to see "A Lot Like Love", which is a good movie, I do recommend it. But, the reason I tell you about this is, I actually had to go through security to see this movie. They had a lady with a metal detector and also a station where they went through my girlfriend's purse. Now my first thought was......."We are in Johnston, Right?" The last time I checked, Johnston wasn't exactly the ghetto of Central Iowa.
The little rent-a-cop explained that the theater only does this when they are having a special screening in the theater, so that no one can bring in a video camera. Hmmmmm..... Because you see so many illegal copies of movies being sold on the corners of the streets downtown. This isn't New York.
This is just another example of how our daily lives are effected, even at the movie theater, by a few idiots who try and break the rules.


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