Monday, October 31, 2005

Texas Roadhouse

This past weekend I finally made a trip to the new "Texas Roadhouse" restuarant in Johnston. I had heard that it was pretty much the same as Lone Star. I was hoping it would be better. I have always thought that Lone Star was a poor man's Outback, when it came to steakhouses. So, I went in with a little skeptisism.
The menu was your typical steakhouse menu. Our bubbly waitress explained that all their meat was cut fresh and never frozen and she claimed that the rib meat was so tender it will fall from the bone when you picked it up. (I was thinking...what a bunch of BS.)
Before dinner, the Roadhouse serves warm bread with cinnamon butter. This was weird as first, but tasted excellent. Our food arrived and as the waitress had claimed, the rib meat fell off the bones. So I was impressed! The steak was good, but not great and the rest of the food was okay. Would I eat there again....Yes. I would definately say give Texas Roadhouse a shot and try the ribs.

One last note. My stepfather was celebrating his birthday while we were there. They made him get up on a saddle and they had the whole restuarant give him a "Yeee Haw!". So that was fun.....Also the servers did a line dance performance while we were there, which was some added entertainment.


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