Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank You Mexican Radio

Every morning when I'm driving to work I surf the local radio stations trying to find someone actually playing music. Most of the time it's just lame Radio DJs with their stupid jokes or entertainment news. That's not what I need in the morning. I need something to get me going. But, there is always one channel I can count on. It's always there when I need it. That's right 105.5 La Ley, the local Mexican station. It rocks. They always have some great music that takes me to a happy place where I'm laying on the beach in Cabo drinking an ice cold Corona. Forget the fact that I can only speak maybe 10 Spanish words, there something about that music that just speaks to me. So next time you are looking for some music to bop that head to in your car, turn that dial over to 105.5.



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