Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hiding Veggies in Food - Deceptively Delicious

My two year old is very picky when it comes to eating veggies. Meats, dairy and fruits she will eat all day. But when it comes to broccoli, carrots and spinach it's a whole another story. And quite frankly, I can't blame her because I am the same way. So I needed to find a way to hide veggies into foods she likes, without her knowing the difference. After searching the internet a bit, I came across a book written by Jessica Seinfeld called Deceptively Delicious. I read some of the good reviews and it sounded pretty good. Once I found out that she was married to Jerry Seinfeld (my favorite comedian of all-time) I knew it would be a perfect fit. So I ran to Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy.

The books main strategy in hiding veggies in everyday foods is using purees. Sounded easy enough, but would my daughter be able to taste carrots and cauliflower in mac and cheese. Or taste that carrot puree in muffins? The answer...... No. Seinfeld had definitely done her research and found some great combinations to hide the taste of those veggies. Even I like the food. Just yesterday I made tofu nuggets that had broccoli puree in them and my whole family loved them. They tasted just like chicken nuggets to me. Some of the recipes you can tweak to fit your own needs and you can come up with your own ways to add purees to food as well. If you have a picky eater at home or just want to incorporate some veggies into your everyday life, I would recommend this book to you. Check it out here.



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