Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Married to a Nurse - The Good and the Bad

My wife is a nurse. A hospice nurse. That should explain a little of it. She tends to view things a different way than I do when it comes to medical symptoms. While I tend to think nothing of minor medical symptoms her mind goes straight to the worst possible case. For instance, I could have a headache. My thoughts, maybe just stared at the computer too much today and I need to take an ibuprofen. Her take, it's probably Cancer. WHAT! Yep that's where the nurse mind goes. Hang nail = Cancer. Dry Skin = Cancer. Everything is something that could be fatal. I call this the bad.

Then there's the good. She doesn't mind cleaning up the kids puke and poop because she is use to being around it at work. Just another mess to help clean up. This is definitely a bonus for me. Blood, cuts and bruises are no trouble for her to tackle.



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