Sunday, December 18, 2005

Up in the Clouds

I recently traveled to Columbus, Ohio. On my flight there it caught my attention that there were a lot of people around me that prayed while on the airplane. It was snowing on my return flight and we ran into some turbulence. The plane was starting to feel more like a roller coaster ride (a shaky one like the Tornado). It is amazing how people all of a sudden find God when faced with danger in their life. On an ordinary day they would not even think about God in their life. But when a scary situation arrives……BAM!! They are asking God for help. Hmmmmm….

On a related note………… I heard an interesting statement the other day, which I totally agree with. It was dealing with being a Christian and being an Atheist. Basically it said, a Christian really has nothing to lose by believing in God. If there is no God then the Christian is just crazy. On the other hand, an Atheist has much more to lose. If there is no God, then they were right. If they are wrong, and everything in the Bible is true, than they have much more to worry about.



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