Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Brogan Code

It's official......... "Brogan" is the top selling book by an Iowan named Thomas Brogan that was published in the month of March. What an honor! Don't forget to get your copy today. www.broganbook.com

It's also official..... I am addicted to the food network. I can't get enough of it! Iron Chef America is my favorite, followed closely by any food challenge. I have even started trying to cook a lot of the recipes I see. Why have I turned to the Food Network?
Besides the fact that it is good t.v. and I love to eat, I think it is because regular television has become crap. The only shows on any more are reality shows, cheesy sitcoms that I don't find funny or shows that see how much they can push the limit of sexually explicit material. I don't want anything to do with this stuff.

I miss the days of new episodes of Seinfeld, Friends and Cheers. Back when television was actually funny!! What do you think?


Recovering said...

That image is disconcerting...


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