Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Busy as a Bee

I figured that I had better give some kind of excuse for not writing for so long. Well I have been busy. The Wedding plans are in full swing and the days of freedom are almost over. But I tell you this...... Having a wedding is way too expensive!! We are trying to keep it small, but you know that couldn't happen. At least the honeymoon is paid for! (Cabo San Lucas - Five Star All Inclusive Resort)

Let's see, what other excuses do I have up my sleeve? Oh yeah.... The Honey Do List. I just bought a new townhome four months ago. I figured if I bought a new townhouse there wouldn't be much to fix up. I was wrong. My girl-spouse has decided that we need to upgrade everything. Oh well, at least I got my 42" plasma I wanted.



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