Monday, February 25, 2008

Glitter Wrapping Paper = Annoying

What’s the deal with wrapping paper with glitter on it? It's just plain annoying! Apparently the makers of the wrapping paper used the least amount of glue as they could so that the glitter would end up everywhere but on the paper. When I get done unwrapping a present I end up looking like I am wearing glitter lotion or that I have just recently been to a strip club (if you have been to one you understand - try explaining that to your wife.... it was just a present. I swear!) Anyways, a note to anybody who ever decides to give me a gift. Just throw it in a gift bag or cash is great too, as long as it isn't in a card with confetti in it. That's a whole other headache.


Celia Scamponi said...

Dear Thomas,

Sorry to disappoint you, but we are producing in the UK in the County of Suffolk, a glitter paper that DOES NOT SHED and samples can be forwarded to you. Please send us your postal address as we wish to send you samples. (And yes, we are, as you Americans say 'for real'!)

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Celia Scamponi (the only maker of absolute minimal shed of glitter paper!)
Our company name: The Unique Paper Company Ltd
Please email me on :


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