Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Business Cards - What a Waste!

I have been given hundreds of business cards over the years and only two or three of them have managed to escape a trip to my trash basket. What is the big deal about business cards? As soon as you meet someone new they slip one over to you. I think the card makes the person feel important to some extent. Yes, I have business cards myself, but the main thing I use them for is drawings to win prizes. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? A lot of businesses will keep that fish bowl on their counter to throw your business card in and win a prize. I think that is the best use of the business card. I am surprised the "green" folks haven't tried to ban the business card, because really, it is just a waste of paper. That would be one thing I would agree with them about.


c.w. goad said...

man, you're right on target with that. What's up with our business cards. I use them for drawings too. Funny, I just read this because I won something today actually! Hahahah.

Live raw my brother,


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