Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Barnes and Noble - Stick to the Books

Does anyone actually buy movies and cds from Barnes and Noble? Yes, I admit, I shop there, but it's for the books and an occasional giant square rice krispie treat. And for the most part the books are priced pretty competitively with other stores and vendors online. Then there's the movies and cd section. First of all, I have always thought it was weird the way they gate off that section from the rest. It almost feels like I am entering a little prison where I am being monitored. The one clerk located back there is watching me a little too closely. Do they really need security gates in front of that section and the front of the store? Anyways, getting back to the pricing on the movies and cds...... IT'S INSANE!!! They have a movie selling for $25.00 that you can get at Target or Walmart for $15.00. Their cds go for upwards of $15.00-20.00 while you can buy the same cd or upload it for that matter for $9.99. So who would spend that much extra money?? I'm guessing it's the people who got Barnes and Noble gift cards for Christmas or a birthday and can't read or it's people who just have enough money where they don't care.

So my advice to everyone..... Go to Walmart or Target to buy you movies and go to Amazon or Itunes for Music!



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