Monday, July 02, 2012

Ginger - A Natural Cure for Motion Sickness

So this past weekend I took my daughter to Adventureland to ride some rides and to relive my childhood glory. One of my concerns was now that I’m older, spinning rides and I don’t get along too well. I definitely wasn’t going to take Dramamine, because the last time I took that on a Cruise Ship I was a tired walking zombie. So I decided to go a more natural route. I went with a Ginger Pill. I had read in my Natural Health Magazine* that if you take a 250mg pill at least 15 minutes before your activity you should be covered. Well the only ginger pills I had around were 550mg, so I figured the more the better.

So we got to the park and one of the first rides my daughter wanted to ride was the Teacups. If you aren’t familiar with these, it’s basically a large tea cup that spins and spins. So a good first test. The results…………. No issues at all! My daughter had a blast, I had a blast and no motion sickness or nausea. So the next time you are looking to avoid nausea from motion sickness, give Ginger a try.

*Tests conducted on the television shows Mythbusters and Food Detectives also support the theory that Ginger is an effective treatment for the nausea caused by motion sickness.



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