Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Marriage Law

It seems to me that a lot of women cut their hair short after they get married. From what I have heard most men would rather their wives not do this. But, as husbands, who are we to say what our wives should do with their hair? So instead of trying to convince your wife to not chop off the hair you have grown to love here is what I suggest:

If your wife cuts her hair short, then you grow your hair out long. Yes, really long! First you will go thru that mullett period on your way to full out 80's rockstar hair.... and if you are feeling really saucy, you can slick the long hair back with some gel and put it into a ponytail.

If all husbands united around the world to do this, women may think twice about cutting their hair after marriage. (I should get a nice punch to the arm from my wife for this blog.)



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