Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obvio - Invading the U.S.

Obvio is a Brazilian car manufacturer that now offers their tiny little cars in the U.S. The target audience is the ever growing "green" folks who want to help the environment. But here is my question..... What good will a clean environment do you when you get hit by another car and get smashed into a pancake? I mean if this car went head to head with a Schwinn Bike it might lose. And who can fit into this thing? There is no way somebody who is a little overweight will be comfortable in this death trap. It will be interesting to how this does in the U.S. market. We will see. At least the hobbits of the world have a cool new car!


Recovering said...

My goal is to make enough money to support Big Oil and Big Tobacco.

I'm actually a conservative conservationist who would love to see us end our dependence on foreign oil for national security sake if nothing else.

But you're right. I wouldn't even want to try to pass a semi on the interstate in that thing...


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