Thursday, February 17, 2011

Esurance - I Don't Think So

I think the award for worst marketing for Car Insurance has to go to Esurance. What is there about a pink haired cartoon chick that is suppose to make me buy car insurance from you. It makes me think your company is a joke. Even if I could save $50 dollars a month switching to Esurance, I wouldn't. Just based on the fact that I don't trust the pink haired cartoon. Come on Insurance companies. A cave man? A gekco? Mayhem? Okay the mayhem commercials aren't bad. And the cave man commercial were pretty funny (see video below). But I think I will stay with my good old State Farm insurance, who doesn't need a gimmick to give you good prices and quality insurance.

I love the song in this commercial. I could just sit and listen to it over and over and be peaceful.



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