Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Christmas Pounds

Tis the season to gain those unwanted pounds. The biggest reason we gain the pounds has to be the holiday sweets. Everywhere you look there are cookies, fudge and candy that you can't say no to. My office is the worst place for temptation. You can easily find a treat whenever you need one or don't need one. Well I won't be bringing in treats this year. I have come up with a new idea.
I am cutting out the middleman (cookies, candy, fudge). I am just going to bring in a can of lard and some spoons. I figure if I want to just get fat, I will just eat plain fat. Why not? Why go to all that trouble beating eggs and frosting cookies, the end result will be the same either way. Besides, no matter what you bring in to the office, if it's free, people will eat it. You ever notice that?
So join with me this holiday season and enjoy a can of lard!


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