Sunday, December 19, 2004

Mall Parking

The holiday season is upon us and once again we all must head to the mall to shop. My biggest problem with going shopping has to be the parking. Finding a close spot when it is only 12 degrees outside is key to any shopping mission.
When pulling into the parking lot you first look for those coveted empty spots in the front rows. Since this never happens you usually have to look for people walking out to their car so you can take their spot. You slowly cruise and follow these people hoping that they will be in one of those great spots. I call this "parking spot stalking". Sometimes when I am walking out of the mall I like to mess with people who are following me for my spot. I like to stop at the car in the spot closest to the entrance. I pretend to be looking for my keys while the person in the car waits. You know that the "parking spot stalker" is feeling giddy because their parking prayer has been answered. They sit there and wait. Then after a few minutes of this, I stop and walk to my car parked in the back of the lot.
Another big thing that bugs me with parking at the mall is the spots that you think are empty, but really they're not. Those small cars (Geo Metro, etc.) always get me. They are usually parked in between two big suvs. You are going along think you see the empty spot and sometimes even start to pull in before....BAM, you have to hit on the break. All dreams are destroyed by that stupid small car. You might have been fooled also by the cart holders and those spots that have a tree in the middle of them.
Holiday shopping is stressful enough, maybe Jordan Creek has it right with the valet parking. I would rather pay money then deal with finding a spot and walking in the cold. But that is just one man's opinion.


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