Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Meadows

Prairie Meadows: The Land of opportunity, smoke, addiction, fun, horse racing and slots.
This month will begin the era of the table game at the Meadows. Will this just mean that they will need to start accepting social security checks at the tables instead of the slots? Have you been out there lately? I personally go out there every so often and have a great time. But, there are others who hang out there. I lot of eldery folks hang out there both day and night. I don't know if the Meadows is suppose to double for a retired home, but it does. The other day when I was there I saw a lady in a wheelchair playing the slots. Right next to her... an oxygen tank. In her mouth.....a cigarette. I was shocked! She is one of many eldery folks who daily spend their pention and social security checks in the slots. They just want to see that "777".
The eldery seem to be the only ones winning out there. Of course if you sit at one machine feeding it hundreds and hundreds of quarters you are bound to win.
I never seem to win out there. Someday I am going to test the theory that only the eldery win out there. I am going to dress up as an old person and use a wheelchair. I will wave at the cameras with my wrinkled fingers and then play. I guarantee I will win. No doubt about it!


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