Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rear View Mirror

I have noticed lately when I have been driving many stupid things hanging from rear view mirrors. I know people have been doing this for years, such as the fuzzy dice back in the 60’s, but there are 3 of the current day versions that I really think are dumb.

1. The Mardi Gras Beads – These are just plain annoying. No this isn’t New Orleans (Even though we both have had floods), we don’t have women lining up on Grand Avenue flashing for beads…….So why do we have to put the beads on the rear view mirror? Another thing that strikes me as odd is a lot of the people driving these cars are old. I am hoping that one of their kids got the beads because that makes for a bad visual.
2. The Handcuffs – Does this mean that you are a hardened criminal? Or is this to imply some kind of bedside manner. Whatever the case, it makes you look like white trash.
3. The Visor (Hat) – I don’t know why this really bugs me………It just doesn’t make since. Why put a visor around your rear view mirror? If anyone has an answer to this let me know. Does this help block the sun out when you are driving??



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