Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sweaters Anonymous

It is officially cold in Iowa now. The average temperature the last 5 days has been 1 degree. Now that is what I call cold my friends. But for some strange reason....... I still sweat. Now I have always had a sweating problem. I blame genetics for the one flaw in an otherwise perfect body (puke now). It seems like everyone in my family sweats alot. So this is nothing new. But today as I drove to work I stopped to think about it. Why do I sweat when it is soooo cold out. I mean I get into the car with a long sleeved shirt and my winter coat on because otherwise I would die of hypothermia. But on my drive to work every morning I "pit out". It is a no win situation. Either I freeze to death or I go to work "pitted out". Does this happen to anybody else out there?


Anonymous said...

There is a great prescription deoderant called Xerac AC. Get it from your doc. It dries you up like the desert.


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