Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Smoker Dedication

I really have to hand it to smokers. They are so dedicated to their art. If I gave just 10 percent of their effort for smoking and used it towards working out I would look better than John Basedow (guy from annoying Fitness Made Simple commercials). Think about it.............. Smokers know all the horrible medical effects of smoking, but yet they will still stand outside in below freezing temperatures to puff away. Cigarette prices go up, no problem.... they drive miles upon miles to another state to buy cartons (referring to the new Iowa tax). When bars and restaurants start to go smoke free nationwide I am sure they will find an answer. They have that hunger and the desire for that nicotine and nothing will stop them. It is amazing! I wish I could bottle that up and use it towards my goals. I will have to look into that.



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