Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cell Phone Thoughts

Pretty much everybody and their mom now has a cell phone. I have had one since the early days when the phone was pretty much bigger than my face. I think by now most people are use to seeing and hearing people all around them talking on their phones.
But, after all these years of being desensitized to the cell phone chatter around me, I still can't get over what some people will say. You can be right behind them in line at the supermarket and they will be talking about a lesbian threesome they just had the night before. Okay they don't talk about that, but the subjects that some people talk about, I don't want to hear.
Then there are the loud talkers. You know what I mean. They shout into the cell phone. Sometimes I think some of these people shout so that we can hear their conversations. They talk about how many stocks they have, how much they just made off a deal, whatever it takes to impress us. Here is some news for you........I don't care about what your friend Shirley thinks about something or what new car you just bought. I just want to get through the check out without hearing your stupid conversation.
Plus, you get the ones that stay on the phone while they are trying to get something done. They walk up to pay for their groceries and they stay on the phone. No hello to the cashier, no nothing. How rude! I don't think people should get served in a store until they hang up the phone.

So the next time you are using the phone where everybody can hear you....please either lower your voice (to a normal level) or wait five minutes and call the person back when you get into your car. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way.



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