Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lead Management

I ran across a great sales lead management software provider website. They seem to be one step ahead all the others.
Take one look at the enterprise-level features available in the AIMpromote lead management system and you will know why they are the fastest growing lead management and website analytics software provider on the market. You will notice that whichever plan you choose, you will receive all the features. Their clients have expressed their gratitude for having every feature available, and pricing based on overall usage.
The total cost of ownership of AIMpromote into an exisiting business process is far lower than competing products, and they strive to provide the very best in customer support and business consultation. Their objective is to make your business grow as fast as possible, so take advantage of their full featured free trial now and see why so many have chosen AIMpromote as their lead management solution.

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