Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Protect Your PC

If you are anything like you me you want to protect the investment you have put into your PC. I mean they aren't cheap and if you get a virus on your computer you could lose photographs, work info, songs and much more. I found a great website where you can download free Antivirus software in just a matter of moments. You get Norton Antivirus from Google for free! Norton is one of the leading brands in protecting your computer. Just look and see what many others are saying. Another great feature of the download is you have the option to download 12 other helpful software programs that can make life on the computer much easier. One of the 12 additional options are a spyware program that can protect you from others watching what you are doing and from those annoying popup that we all love. So I guess I can't see why you wouldn't want to take advantage of this offer? If you go to your local electronic superstore you will pay a lot of money for the same software you can download for free here.

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Recovering said...

Buy a mac. Problem solved.


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