Monday, March 26, 2007

Drinking Wine in Bed?

I get a kick out of the mattress commercials I see on television. The mattress company tries to impress us by showing how you can set a glass of red wine on one side of the bed and then lay down on the other side without the wine spilling. Now, I am not a raging alcoholic, so I might not know for sure. But, how many people are drinking wine in bed and then need to set the glass down on their bed. Have they ever heard of a night stand?
Then you have the commercial with the bowling ball being dropped on the mattress. This makes sense. Just the other day I was bowling in bed and it kept my wife up all night.
I know these commercials are just trying to prove a point with the wine and bowling ball, but why not show us something that shows the mattress working for a practical use? You could show a fat man (or woman), jumping into bed after their spouse is already asleep. With a normal mattress, the fat man sends his spouse flying out of bed. With the new improved mattress, the spouse doesn't lose one second of sleep!



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