Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Making Money Blogging

I recently starting blogging for a website that pays you to blog. I figured I had to try it out. I like to blog, I like to get paid, so it made a perfect match in my mind. I am always skeptical of online make money schemes but this is a legit opportunity to make some cash. I have been doing it for only 4 days now and have made $31.00. Making that money only took me a few minutes doing something that I already like to do, write blogs. The better your blog, the better opportunities to make money you have. The advertisers who use Payperpost give opportunities based on your google page rank, alexa score or what blog service you use. So far most of the opportunities that I am elgible for have been around $6.00 per post. That is way more than you can make selling ads on your blog or other revenue making methods for your blog. So if you noticed lately that I have been writing about some other business opportunities this is why.
I hope to continue making more blog entries and making more money using the Payperpost service. My plan is to take the extra money I make and put it into my Sharebuilder account and buy up more stock each month. I figure it is better to invest it in something rather than waste it away all at once. By the way I am really high on buying up Sirius Satellite Radio stock right now, hoping that the merger with XM Radio will go through so that my stock goes up. But that is neither here no there. So I would encourage all my fellow bloggers to check out Payperpost. On the main home page they list the all time earners and there is one lady who has made over $8,000 dollars. Just from blogging! So there is a possibility with enough hard work and good blogging you could join her in making some money off the internet!



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