Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Music Notes

I am a big music fan. I am a fan all of types of music, from dance to classical to hip-hop. I am also a big fan of Industrial Artists. I was searching the internet the otherday and stumbled across a cool website that lists independent artists from around the world. I sometimes prefer the smaller independent artists than those who sell out their sound to make money and go mainstream. While surfing thru the site I found a cool group called DigitalTraffic. The music is a mixture of electronica and industrial. It is very energetic music that makes the work day go by fast! On the site, DigitalTraffic talks about the advantages of modern technology to develop your own music and produce it at a very low cost. This way you don't have to join a record label. You should check out this great new music from Great Britain. Click on the link below to check out the website for greatIndustrial Artists.



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