Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Binky Chronicles

My wife and I started off with good intentions of never giving our daughter a binky (pacifier) when she was born. That quickly came to an end the first night at the hospital when we realized that she had to be sucking on something or she wasn't going to sleep. Never did I imagine that this little piece of BPA free plastic would become such a central role in our daughter’s life. I joke sometimes with my wife about our daughter having “binky sonar”. It’s almost like a Jedi power that she has the ability to find the binky no matter where it’s at. I have even seen her in bed asleep, in the pitch dark, with her eyes closed, snatch the binky that had fallen out of her mouth up that was sitting a few feet away. No searching….. just a direct hit! It’s amazing.

The binky has become more of a security blanket than anything at this point. She even requests more than one binky at a time. She likes to keep one in her hand and the other in her mouth and then change them out every so often. But, now the problem is, how do we cut the binky out of her life? We don’t want our daughter to be walking around with the binky forever. We can’t have the embarrassment of being “those parents” who still have a kid with the binky. It’s almost like asking a crack addict to stop getting high! Do we call on the “Binky Fairy” that so many parents use? Or maybe use the old “Binky Tree” method? Whichever method we use, I anticipate this being a battle full of crying, tantrums and screaming. And that’s just talking about me. Only time will tell.



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