Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bio-energy Field - I Have the Power

Do you ever walk or drive under a street lamp and it shuts off? This seems to happen to me a little too often. I have come to the conclusion that I have some kind of bioenergy field around me that affects electricity. I am not joking. This is not more of Brogan's Blarney. I think I may have some sort of gift or superpower. I was typing this on my laptop and the screen flickered on and off. Was that power outage during last month's storm due to weather?........ or maybe it was just my powers in effect. Hmmmmm.......


cassieccbrr said...

We are having the same issues. We have lighting issues, garage door problems and electronic problems. This is not a solar flare problem. There is no one else around our family having these problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi, your probably a Light Worker as many are these days.

When a Light Worker is having a stressful time, or just not using their abilities for good you will find you go through light bulbs weekly, your tv & computer may stop working and you may have frequent blackouts and so on.

Source: Happened to me too.

You should study Bio-fields and get into Reiki healing.

Have fun. :)


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