Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Beer at the Mall

Well, not really free, but deserved. What am I talking about? You know in the middle of malls they have seating areas that are usually taken up by men waiting for their wives to charge up the credit card. I have this great new idea on how to improve these stomping grounds for bored men. First of all you need to enclose the area with walls. Next there needs to be plasma televisions lining the walls showing sports games or manly action movies. Sounds good already doesn't it? Here's what takes it to the next level. Each man as they walk in is given a little handheld PDA. Each time their wife or significant other spends some money it tallies up on the screen. For every $50.00 spent, the man gets a free beer. So really this works out for the man and the woman. They are both happy! Heck after a few beers, some husbands might even agree to buy that blue Coach purse their wife wants.



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