Friday, April 01, 2011

Good Bye Des Moines, Brogan's Going to Hollywood - Serenity 2.2

I couldn't believe the call I got last night. At first a was a little angry because I had just gotten to sleep, but then I noticed it was my agent calling. My first thought was that I hadn't heard from him in weeks. What could be so important to call me out of the blue at 11pm at night? Anyways, Murray, my agent, started to explain the proposal he had for me. NO WAY!! I thought I was going to pee my pants. IT COULDN'T BE! I had turned in that screenplay over a year ago and didn't receive even one call on it sense then. Yes, my friends, a new Serenity (original cult movie starred Nathan Fillion and was based on the T.V. series Firefly) Movie is on it's way..... and Mr. Thomas Brogan already knows how it ends..... because I wrote it!

Murray said I had to get out to L.A. right away to negotiate terms of payment with the studio. So, here I sit at the Denver airport waiting for a connecting flight. I leave my old life in Des Moines, Iowa behind me and embark on a new journey. I'm sure the Serenity 2.2 reboot will be a smash hit and more opportunities will come. Can't wait to buy my house in Hollywood Hills! It's been real everyone.



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