Thursday, April 07, 2011

Drinking Water Test Kit - Waukee, Iowa Results

Being the paranoid person I am, I decided to test out the tap water in my house. I have always thought that the water in Waukee (Iowa) tasted like it had way too much chlorine. So I have always used a filter for my water. But, my wife doesn't use the filtered water and I wanted to see what exactly she was drinking. So I purchased the First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit and ran the tests this afternoon. I have all the results except for the Bacteria test, which takes 48 hours to get results. Here is what I found:

Lead Test: Tap water tested negative for Lead
Pesticides Test: Tap water tested negative for Pesticides
Total Nitrate/Nitrite Test: 5.0ppm (Below 10.00ppm is acceptable by EPA)
Nitrite Test: 0.0ppm (Below 1.00ppm is acceptable by EPA)
Total Chlorine: 0.0ppm (Below 4ppm is acceptable by EPA)
PH Test: 8.5ppm (6.5 to 8.5ppm is acceptable by EPA)
Total Hardness Test: 120ppm (50ppm or less is acceptable)

So overall, Waukee water tested pretty good. The only test that it failed in was the Total Hardness Test, which I can live with. I would rather have hard water than pesticides in my water. If you want to test the water at your house, you can purchase the test on Amazon. See below:



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