Monday, April 04, 2011

Paper Money - A Thing of the Past

I never carry cash any more. I just pay with my debit card for my purchases. This makes life much easier and you don't have to handle paper money with all of it's germs. I don't understand why people can't except this? What do I mean?

Well, during the holidays when I go to the super market I have to walk by the Shriners, Knights of Columbus, Girl Scouts or some other group of people who want a piece of my hard earned paycheck. The problem is I don't have any cash to give them.
I do realize that this money is going for a good cause (in some cases), and heck who wouldn't want to pay $10 for a tootsie roll, but I just don't have any cash to give these folks. I can imagine what they think when I say I don't have any cash. They are thinking that I'm cheap, selfish or just a bold-faced liar. But come on people, get with the times. Replace those rugged old red buckets with a debit card swipe machine. Then I would happily give you a few dollars.



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